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Essential sources held only by the Canterbury Museum

Library   Manuscripts & Archives Department
Passenger Index of arrivals to Lyttelton 1850 - 1888   Catalogue of manuscripts and archives holdings
W.H.R.Dale Album of Lyttelton Times passenger lists 1851 - 80   Shipboard diaries subject index
G.R.Macdonald Dictionary of Canterbury Biographies   Women subject index
Genealogy of the Ngai Tahu   Farm and station diaries subject index
Maori Research Index   Canterbury Assn shipping papers 1850 - 1853
Family History and Biography Index   Shipping documents subject index
Pre-Adamite Index of pre 1850 Settlers  
Women's Index to published and unpublished references   Pictorial Dept (located on the first floor)
Ratepayers' Indexes: Lyttelton 1864 - 1908   Portrait index
Deaths Index 1867 - 1915   Photograph collection
Death Register Index, Christchurch Hospital 1863 - 1911   Artwork collection
Canterbury Volunteer Forces Index 1860 - 1920   Architectural drawing collection
Lyttelton Railway Tunnel Workers Index 1861 - 1867  
Map collection (includes subject access to images)  
J.E.Horrell Land Transactions 1850 - 1868 North Canterbury  
J.C.Wilson, People, Rural Section & Subject Indexes  
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